Styles sat down this morning (1/14) for a phone chat with legendary bassist Jason Newsted.

The conversation was driven by talk of Jason's new band (Newsted), their new EP (Metal EP), touring, and the revival of his love for writing/performing music.

When it came to the catalyst of the new band Jason said "the fans blew me away" when he played at the Metallica 30th Anniversary show. "They made me feel so good and I had a realization that I had do to this one more time," he continued.

When asked about social media and the way the music industry has changed, Jason has only been on Twitter and Facebook for about 9 weeks now, he said "It has really enlightened me a lot. I really repealed it and I will always have one foot that will firmly be in the analog world.  I've been spending a bit of time on Facebook each day to kinda get the feel of all the countries and what people are doing. It's been amazing to see where we are reaching."

The Metal E.P. debut at No.1 on the I-tunes Metal Chart and as far as the sound of Newsted being that of classic metal and thrash metal: "This is just what I am. I can only be what I am."

Jason has gone on record saying he won't charge fans for a meet and greet stating that he "has always been that approachable cat. I give everybody 60 seconds. It's made a big difference."

Later he said that he "feels young again, I feel new again" and found "my fountain of youth in metal" with Newsted.

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