For years whenever people have gone out to get a martini they have uttered that famous phrase, "Shaken, not stirred".  Now, it seems James Bond will be abandoning this for, beer?

Say it's not so Mr. Bond.  As out turns out, money talks, and tradition walks.  As part of a huge ad campaign, James Bond will be chugging Heineken in his latest film, and not the trademark martini that he is known for.  As you can imagine, big time Bond fans are not happy with this decision.

What's next?  Let's make James Bond a stay at home dad instead of a secret agent?  The martini goes hand in hand with the type of person that Bond is.  He's dangerous, deadly, and sophisticated.   While I love a good Heineken, it makes no sense for Bond to throw back a cold one when he should be sipping a dry martini and trying to sleep with all the bond girls.

[Via Yahoo]