Rock band quartet Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix and I had the opportunity to chat and catch up last week. We discussed what the band has been doing and what the future holds for them, and Shaddix emphasized that their newest album will be different, and will be the album of the band's career. After almost two decades and a successful run, the band show no signs of slowing down, which is music to fans ears.

The Latest with Papa Roach

Papa Roach have just finished up their latest tour- Rock Allegiance, which also included bands Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D., Crossfade, Red and Drive A. "The tour is done and done. It was banging. We killed it. [Each show was full of a] fun, rowdy, bunch of cats," reported Shaddix. The band finished up in California, which is their home. There they made the music video for their song "One Track Mind," and P.O.D frontman Sonny Sandoval joined Shaddix on stage for the performance of "Last Resort." It was a real "good time," he said.

Now that touring has been put on hold for the band, they are focusing solely on writing and recording

their new album. They return to their own studio in Sacramento on November 1. In a recent interview with Loudwire, Shaddix claimed that they wanted their eighth studio album to be "the album of their career." The band are experimenting with music and different things, and are doing stuff they've never done before, which should contribute to the new record being the best one yet.

Writing and Recording: An Album Based on Differences

For the writing process, the band has been listening to everything for inspiration: metal, punk, pop,electronic, reggae, etc. Shaddix talked about how he wants the band to have open minds about a lot of music so that there are no limits. "It's an interesting way to approach the recording of a record," claimed Shaddix. The band will also be working with producer James Michael for the album. Michael is the frontman for popular rock band Sixx: AM, and has worked with a number of bands including Motley Crue, Trapt, Halestorm, Saliva and now Papa Roach. Shaddix said that he would also like to have a collaboration- a duet with a female vocalist for this album, something the quartet has not yet done. Bass player Tobin Esperance "is big into how it [the record] evolves," claimed Shaddix, so he, along with the other two members, will each have a lot of input with the new record.

As for the recording process, the band will be experimenting with spiritual sessions, which is also something new for them. Shaddix wants his band to "connect spiritually and listen and be open to each other's ideas." Since each member is so different, he thinks that respect and listening will push [the band] into a united form and that "creativity will be collective."

In addition to their new writing and recording processes, Papa Roach will also be thinking outside the box for the new album, which is essential. After almost 20 years and a number of legendary albums and songs, they almost have to do something entirely out of their comfort zone to out-due all of their past work. Shaddix claims that they have to create something brave and "out of the norm." He wants the finished product to be "aggressive and uplifting"- something that will inspire people to get up and move around. ""Getting Away with Murder" and "Scars" were out of the box for us, but new stuff works"" he said. "Everything will be different for this album- after two decades we're reinventing ourselves." Only time will tell what's in store for Papa Roach. "We're nowhere near complete," claimed Shaddix.

Usually, in between albums, Papa Roach sort of "falls under the radar" and fans don't hear much about

the band, but Shaddix promised all that would change this time around. "We will keep fans updated for this album," he said. They plan on providing fans with videos of the recording and writing processes, and using web cams for live viewing and hosting live chats with fans. Shaddix wants their fans to know what's going on with them. "It's exciting," he claims." It keeps fans high and hyped and amps them up. Most of the updates will be casted and posted via the Papa Roach website and Facebook.

"Spontaneity is the Beauty of Rock N' Roll"

During our phone conversation, I brought up a certain memory of mine of the last time the band was in town, which was in May. In the middle of their set, Shaddix ventured out into the crowd, which he

usually does. I expected him to go stand on the bar like he has in the past, but instead he went over to the farthest wall and put a hole in it with his head! After asking if he remembered doing that, he laughed and said yes he did. He never got a bill for it, but he thought he remembered signing the wall. That's what I would've wanted if I were the owner of Lights! He claimed he didn't do that a lot, but that "sometimes you get caught up in the moment. Spontaneity is the beauty of rock n' roll."

Getting Personal with Jacoby

High school sweethearts Jacoby and his wife Kelly have been married for 15 years and have two young sons- nine-year-old Makaile and seven-year-old Jagger. When asked if they would follow in dad's footsteps, he responded "they're too young to tell now, but they both play drums, but they also love sports." During their childhood, he just wants to "let them be kids." However, he does expose them to the music that inspires him, and they're exposed to other types of music as well. His wife listens to Sirius radio, so they're not ignorant to pop, but "when dad comes home, it's rock."

I was also curious about Shaddix's name, and what culture and nationality it evolved from. "I'm a

mutt," he claimed, saying he was Irish, German, Swedish, Dutch and even Native American. He grew up California like the rest of his band, which impacted their lives and their music. Shaddix commented that he "felt blessed" to have grown up where he did.

One of the things girls like about Shaddix is his tattoos, so I had to ask if he was planning on getting anymore. Minnie Mouse will be his next one, and it will be dedicated to his grandmother who recently passed away. She was always drawing Disney characters and such, and also sang in chorus lines in her youth, so he thought Minnie would be very fitting. Perhaps that is where Shaddix gets his talents from.

I also asked him what the craziest thing a fan had ever done or said was, and the story he told me blew my mind. The band was playing a show in D.C., where there were at least 10,000 people present, which of course means barricades, and people being stuffed together and crushed in them. Well, there was a female nimrod in the crowd who thought it was sensible to bring her infant child, and when Shaddix crossed her path, she was crying and asked him to sign her baby. Obviously, he didn't sign the poor child and didn't appreciate the gesture. He commented that she "should take parenting classes." Parenting for Dummies would be a good start, but maybe too advanced for the lady who shouldn't even be a mother in the first place.


What's the Future of Papa Roach?

Shaddix and the band plan to have the new album out "in the third quarter of 2012"- so in about a year from now Roach fans will be rocking out to the newest sounds of the reinvented band that he says will happen. Based on their musical record and success thus far, the band won't let their fans down, and certainly won't be a "last resort" in any way, shape or form.

A Personal Word from Jacoby

I always allow for the last question asked to be open-ended, so the interviewee can say whatever they want. Shaddix took that opportunity and wanted to tell everyone to go out and do some community service. Now that he is home, Shaddix will volunteer at a homeless shelter about once a week, helping wherever he can, and he encourages others to do the same. He emphasized the importance of helping others, and how it will bring gratitude to your life and put it into perspective. I think this coming from a rock star is great, because what better role model than someone who worked for everything they have, and still finds time to help those who are less fortunate? I hope all who are reading this decide to donate their time at least once to someone in need. If Shaddix can do it, so can you.

To find out about community service opportunities in your area, go here.

"I've got to follow my heart
No matter how far
I've gotta roll the dice
Never look back and never think twice"- Papa Roach- "To Be Loved"