So, the weather outside is a bit frightful and honestly, this week has gone by way to slow. Don't get me wrong, it was a good week but just creeped by. I guess I've earned myself a little 'sit back and relax' time here at the station. So I found a vid on YouTube featuring some of the finest peeps on the planet shopping at one of our favorite people watching spots. ;-)

You know which store I'm talking about, don't ya? Big smiley face for a logo, prices that really make you think: 'is this possible' and of course, some of the coolest fashion trends in the world. For instance:

Breast feeding while waiting to check out? You bet that's ok. Pink tutu's, big belly's hanging out and an ass crack tat that makes you think:  what in the world was that person thinking? Yep, at Walmart people watching is the whole reason for being in the store, in my opinion.


You know we have one of the largest Walmart stores in the country? Two floors of awesomeness complete with dual escalators- You know, one for you and your cart!