It's the Thursday before Easter here at the Q103 offices and are some people taking their 'celebration' a little too far?

Yesterday (Wednesday) an email was sent out saying the following

The Easter Bunny and I have been in close contact. She (the bunny is a girl) asked that you please not touch any eggs if you see them—which you shouldn't because they will be hidden in very tricky places—until the official kickoff sometime in the next 12 hours.

Once you see the official start email, you are free to search the Townsquare Albany campus for the more than 50 eggs that will be hidden. No area is off limits ;)

In case you were wondering, the eggs have various levels of prizes, including one MEGA GOLDEN EGG PRIZE that will be available to one of you Peeps and other gift cards and treats.

So get your huntin' eyes ready and let's have some fun tomorrow!

An Easter Egg hunt in and around the office. This could either be really interesting or really lame, many factors will go in to the outcome. I thought nothing of it until this morning when I saw this...


And that leads us to the title of this post, 'Is This Taking Easter Too Far?'

Not to be the Scrooge of Easter but we're all adults here and unless these eggs have either food certificates, free beer, or free booze; most in the building won't be too happy. The person dressed up as the bunny today is a well-liked, highly energetic person so something this like fits her personality well... but still.

To further this egg hunt, in order to claim your prize you must complete a task. So far the task have been to take a photo with bunny ears on, ask our GM to slow dance, and hop like a bunny from one side of the building to the other.

Does your work celebrate like this? Do you have someone at your workplace that takes every holiday and celebrates a little bit excessively?