If Ecstasy has an active ingredient it's Molly (known as MDMA by the law enforcement agents). And as most drugs Ecstasy tends to be cut (mixed) with fillers. These fillers can be anything from heroin, cocaine, caffeine, ephedrine, baking soda, baby laxative, PMMA, and who knows what else. And like other drugs there are a higher end version of the drug. The higher end version is purer form of that drug. So the question, is there a safe form of Ecstasy? All depends on user. Drugs have different impacts on different people. Someone might take Ecstasy and go out all night dancing and they can become dehydrated which may lead to death. But one thing is for sure when you mix or take too much of a drug  you always put yourself in a bad situation. In 2009 there were 22,816 MDMA related visits to the  emergency room.