I think we might be splitting hairs with this argument but a local strip club is standing firm on the idea that Stripping is an Art.

According to Fox 23 the Gentlemen’s Club Night Moves in Colonie owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes and is trying to fight the charges by saying they should be tax exempt because “Stripping is an art from”.

Now, I have visited this particular establishment and have enjoyed my experience. I also have a soft spot for the performing arts. As much as I think of strippers as soulless like zombies I do think there is a bit of an art to what they do. Sure, every girl can strip but not every girl can do it well. It takes a special understanding of your surroundings, how to play the crowd and keep their attention to make the big bucks. I’m not saying you have to have a brain to be take your clothes off and swing on a pole. But having a style helps. Having some skill on the pole and slow build over the course of 3 songs helps.  So are strippers real people? I don’t think so. Are they artist? Maybe.