The first ever yogurt summit took place at the Egg in Albany this week. Yes, a yogurt summit. Apparently people are finally figuring out that yogurt is pretty good for you. Personally, I eat Greek yogurt everyday. The texture is a little different than traditional yogurt, but once you get use to it, it's delicious. I'm not the only one eating it either. The yogurt business is on fire.

So yesterday, Governor Cuomo and some other yogurt obsessed peeps took to the Egg to figure out how they can capitalize on the yogurt boom. Chobani is made right here in New York. One of the biggest benefits to them is that they jumped on board with the 2012 Olympics. Not that eating yogurt will turn you into Michael Phelps, but people who workout and try and eat healthy may incorporate it into their normal diet.

The Governor wants New York dairy farmers to focus efforts on yogurt, so that the state can corner the market.

[Via Times Union]