As I've mentioned before, I go to a lot of Q103's concerts. I haven't seen tickets as cheap as some of their shows since...well, before my time, and there's almost always at least one band I firmly believe is better live than any recording, so why not, right?

Something that's always fun at concerts is girl watching. Especially with Q103 being so obliging, and providing a group of girls for us to watch, eh? And the more I watch, the more I realize...fellas are scared of the Q-tease.

No, really! It's true!

I've never been to trivia, so maybe y'all are less scared there. But the last show we were at, the Q-tease were offering free stuff just for standing there while someone snapped a picture, and next to no one bit before M and me were inside the Upstate Concert Hall. Which was a long frickin time since the last show we were at was Volbeat, and we were at the end of the line.

At one show, I heard someone say, “Are you kidding? My girl would kill me.” when the ladies walked away. At another, I heard someone else explain in explicit detail what she would do with her husband's nether region if he even considered having his picture taken. And I'm betting there's a lot of guys who feel the same way about their girls getting their pictures taken with attractive men.

But why? Is having your picture taken while standing with an attractive stranger tantamount to cheating? Do you think your partner's going to suddenly realize you're the ugliest human on the planet, and chase after some random tail they met at a show?

I'm not kidding. I really don't get it.

I'll admit, I've never had my picture taken with the ladies. Neither has M. But our reasons usually make more sense. Well, okay. Mine do. For example, I only know one photographer who can get my “good side” besides me, and that's M. And at least once, we stood in the rain for an hour, and I had makeup running down my chin before we even got the chance to sweat. Really not the best photo-op. M's just the typical photographer, and is more comfortable behind the lens. So despite the free stuff, M and me say no.

Y'all are saying no based on what? The potential for drama?

Guys, knock it off. Seriously. You're just perpetuating the agenda of a patriarchal society that pits woman against woman in a battle based solely on aesthetic beauty. (You know you were waiting for me to come out with that line.) So, if you're pretty, you're a stupid slut, even if you're just proud of your face? And obviously, getting one's picture taken with a stupid slut means one's looking to cheat, and probably will. Most likely with the stupid slut in question.

That is f'ed up, Daisy.

The reality of the situation is if your girl (or you, if you're the girl) can't deal with you standing next to and maybe even – horror of horrors! – touching a pretty girl in a non-sexy way, the problem isn't really the pretty girl (who is not predisposed to be a stupid slut because of her aesthetic beauty), but your girlfriend's (or yours, if you're the girl) self esteem. The same goes for guys who can't handle their girlfriends talking to, touching, getting their picture taken with other men.

That's okay. I'll sit here while you try to think up a relevant argument besides, “I just don't want them to.”

I'm not here to tell you that jealousy is unhealthy (though in some cases, it can be), or that it represents something we feel is unattainable (though in some cases, it does). But folks, if your partner doesn't make you feel confident in the way they say they feel about you, it's time you had a sit down. First with yourself to figure out why you feel that way, and then with your partner to figure out how to fix it.

But stop hating on the pretty people, and get over this belief that your partner interacting with pretty people somehow diminishes you. And get your picture taken with the Q-tease! I will if you will. … If they let M hold the camera.