If you listen to music, then you are familiar with Eric Clapton's ballad to his late son, 'Tears In Heaven'.  It might be the only song in history to put everyone in a down and out mood.

This morning on the Free Beer & Hot Wings show they were goofing around playing songs in tribute to Free Beers future son.  So of course they put on 'Tears In Heaven' as a joke and it depressed everyone.  It practically made them cry.  Is there another song on this planet that within the first 30 seconds can make even the bravest of men blubber like a baby?

To this day I cannot listen to that song in it's entirety.  There are plenty of sad songs in this world, but I think 'Tears In Heaven' takes the cake when it comes to sad and depressing.  So is the Clapton tune the saddest song ever written?  To me it is, but let me know what you think about the subject, and make sure to bring a tissue.