Iron Maiden's frontman Bruce Dickinson will perhaps go down in history as one of the greatest musicians ever, and now he will also be forever known as Dr. Bruce Dickinson, as his London-based Alma mater, Queen Mary University, recently granted the legend with an Honorary Dotorate in Music.

Dickinson is a 1979 graduate of Queen Mary, and earned a degree in History. Also, a few years ago, he became licensed commercial airline pilot. I actually did a blog last month about him being a pilot and flying a special Iron Maiden airplane, which looked awesome.

According to the article, Dickinson attended college to keep his parents quiet. They wanted him to enroll in the Army, but he secretly wanted to pursue a career in music, so getting his degree was really just a space filler until he made it big, and boy did he ever.

Dickinson has said that he used college as an excuse, saying, That was what they [his parents] wanted to hear so that was my cover story. When I got down there, I started immediately finding and playing in bands. Looks like Dickinson's choices worked out well for him.

Dickinson received the Honorary Doctorate of Music degree on Tuesday, and was recognized for all of his contributions that have enhanced the music world and industry:

Dr Paul Bruce Dickinson, front man of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, became an Honorary Doctor of Music at Central Hall, Westminster on Tuesday 19 July. His award was presented by Professor David Baker of the Centre for Neuroscience and Trauma, in honour of Dr Dickinson’s contribution to the development of music.

I think this degree is well-deserved, and we congratulate the awesome Dr. Dickinson M.D.- Music Doctor, on his huge achievement!

Go here to see the story on thw QMU website.