Last night at a local eatery, ol' Monte noticed an nifty little invention at the end of each booth.  Attached to each booth was a coat rack.  Think about that, how often do you go to a restaurant and you need to place your coat in the closet, on the back of a chair or under your rump? The coat rack was built right into my booth and I thought - genius.  Who knows how long it's been around but I've never noticed it nor have I ate at a place that has these dandy delights.  This in turn, got the hamster pushing the wheel in mah brain.

I've been pondering about one of those "million dollar ideas".  There are so many objects you use daily that help you accomplish tasks or make the road smoother.  Little things from a pen to big things like a lap top, each had to be created for us to get from A to B. I read an article written by Claire Bradley on Yahoo Finance entitled "7 Products Under $5 That Made Millions". Here she writes about an invention I use daily, the Post- It Note and states "Those handy little sticky notes actually started as a failed adhesive at 3M (NYSE: MMMNews) -- the glue wasn't sticky enough. 3M's Arthur Fry began using the glue to add removable sticky notes to his reports, and fellow employees quickly started requesting them for their own use. The Post-it is now one of the least-expensive inventions that's since made the company millions, and has evolved to 4,000 different products"  Millions of smackers made off of a failed idea because it actually ended up helping out office employees.  So ol' Monte thinks, what can help his daily routine?  I have been pondering one indeed!  A new style of running shorts!

As a runner, I like to hit the road for a 5K several times a week.  I can't stand wearing a camel pouch, it slows me down by more than a few seconds. I don't have tables of power drinks lined up on my road and I can't run carrying a bottle.  I've seen takes on carriers and even enjoy water pouches. It's a pouch that clips on to your shorts.  There have been so many great modifications for runners such as socks that hold MP3 players or pedometers, fanny packs, hydration belts, hats with built in headphones and I dig them all.  However, I like to shave as many seconds as I can off of my time and anything that adds to my body weight just makes it that much more difficult on my chicken legs.  Maybe I'm a smidge picky but it's rough to run with a clip on pouch once I widen the stride on the home stretch.  Plastic bottles are not comfortable attached to my waist.  So, I'd like to find or make myself a pair of running shorts that can fit a more flexible water pouch. I'd like a nice small flexible water pouch like one of those Capri Sun pouches and a spot in my shorts large enough to fit the water but have it completely out of my way while I run.  This way there is the least bit of extra added weight and it won't effect my kick as I hit the home stretch.  Zipper pocket shorts won't cut it, the pouch would hit my thigh with every step and it'd flop around in there.  Perhaps I should put the pocket on the belt line in the front or on the small of my back.  Perhaps these types of shorts exists and I'm only standing on the shoulders of giants. Either or, this guy would love to stay hydrated and turn $5 into a million. You may dream the same tonight when you think of a way to really make a flux capacitor.