Finally a frozen treat that lets me know it’s enjoying my tongue as much as my tongue is enjoying it. I know that sounds creepy but I must have this glow in the dark ice cream and I must have it now! An ice cream maker in the UK just recently developed a new type of ice cream that glows when you lick it. This is perfect for me since I have never been able to eat ice cream in the dark and now with this new invention that all might change.

“Charlie Francis, founder of Lick Me Delicious ice cream in the U.K., has created glow-in-the-dark ice cream for all your sugar and night vision needs…

The trick? He makes it with the fluorescent proteins found in jellyfish. The proteins interact with the tongue's pH levels so the ice cream increases its luminescence the more it is licked.” –HP

On second thought maybe this ice cream is not for me. I’m not that excited to eat something made from jelly fish. Sure, it's cool that the ice cream glows, but when you you’re done eating it, someone will have to pee in your mouth to stop your new jelly fish stings.

PS: This new glow in the dark ice cream costs around $225 a scoop! perhaps I should start a crowd-funding campaign to get me some dessert.