Yes, you read that right- there is an actual calendar coming out for next year that features models in bikinis looking like human bait. I think it's pretty cool and would love to play such a part that would be good for the whole year. Watch the video below.

The idea of the zombie hottie calendar was produced by an ad agency in South Africa, and is a way to pay homage to the ultra-popular television series The Walking Dead.

The models don bikinis while the make-up teams cover their skin in a pale white with wounds randomly placed. They pose on a beach, which is cliche and not very fitting, but what guy will really be looking at the background anyway right?

[It] pulls together two of FHM's favorite things: bikini babes and zombies, said a blog post promoting the calendar. Now, if they'd just been holding a beer this video would have been three for three!

There are downsides, however, as some think that rather than sexy post-death ladies they look like they've been in a car wreck. Watch the video and tell us what you think.

Download the calendar here.

Watch the calendar trailer here.

Watch the zombie-tastic photo shoot: