The Dudes from Wayland have been nothing but awesome friends of the show and they are hitting up the Albany area again. After living the true nomadic life of Rock and Roll for nearly 2 years Mitch, Phil, Tyler and Dingle-Hopper make their way back with in proximity of Q103 to play Bogie’s on Sunday (May 19, 2013).


After telling me all about the anticipation of a new full length Wayland CD set to hit stores later this year we get into the life on the road. I witnessed Mitch receive a random free tattoo from one of their awesome fans and I needed to know what other random hand outs have they gotten on the road. Check out the interview and learn more about Wayland’s past year on the road and about their Wayland warriors and how they owe just about everything to the.


“The latest and greatest that we are coming to Albany NY.”

“We we’re on the west coast yesterday and now were on the east coast.”

“Wayland is always on the move…we played 332 shows last year…”

“I am proud to say that our music video plays while you pump iron.”

‘The single “Reno” will be released next month (June).”

“…I was drunk…”

“There’s been countless people that let us stay in their homes or fed us…”

“We got a great group of support all over the world that help keep us on the road…” -Mitch Arnold