We are getting closer to the release of In This Moment's fourth studio album, which will be hitting stores this summer. To hype you guys up, the band have provided updates and sneak peeks, including hearing "Blood," a song off the new record. The band have been forced to change and mature a lot with the recent departure of two members, but I think it has made them stronger and closer. Read on to watch a three-minute video of Maria Brink and Chris Howorth discussing the "new" band and album.

The interview was conducted while In This Moment took a break from recording to perform at the Soundwave Festival in Australia.

There are no words to describe how excited we are... We are on fire with this
record. It's by far the most powerful material we have ever written.

I am excited to hear the new album, especially after the highly successful, amazxing album A Star-Crossed Wasteland. Stay tuned for more news on the band and the upcoming album.

What are your comments on the video?