If you are one of many Internet users who illegally share music, movies, or even TV shows - Get ready! You will soon be getting a warning letter from the nation's five major Internet providers.

The Copyright Alert System, put in place by the music and film industry, is officially being activated this week to go after those who use peer-to-peer sharing sites.

If the alarm is triggered for you, your Internet provider will give you a warning letter in the mail. Under the system, a user can receive up to six chances to stop their illegal activity . Each Internet provider is charged with creating their own system to monitor the usage and find the violators.

After six warnings your provider will take drastic steps to prevent your further downloading including slowing your Internet connection or redirecting Internet traffic until you acknowledge you received the warnings and review materials about about copyrights laws.

Of course, there is a chance you can be wrongfully accused. If you believe this to be the case, you will have to pay $35 to have an appeal from the company that will be refunded if a mistake is believed to be found.

Want to get around it? Use your neighbors unprotected Internet connection or an open Wi-Fi in a public place.