Q103 hosts and plays pop culture trivia every Wednesday night from 7p-9p at City Sports Grille. We call it Smarter Than A Q-Tease and during the month of April if you are smart, then you'll get a 4 pack of tickets to Rock On The Range.  I got some questions/answers to help you win this week. 

 This week, we do things a little different at Smarter Than A Q-Tease trivia night at City Sports Grille.  Throughout the month of April, we'll qualify teams to win a four pack of tickets to Rock On The Range.  Its a cumulative contest, meaning you'll have to win points and they will carry over week to week until the end when we give away the tickets.  So for the next 3 weeks you want to win as many points as you can get. - You'll be able to wager all your points from the previous weeks on the final night.   If you miss a week, you will be at a disadvantage so make sure you are there every week!  (Teams have lost all their points in a week so there is still a chance even if you do miss.) 

This week our newest Q-Tease Nikki and our favorite crash test driver Jen will be the two Q-Tease playing.  I dont have much dirt on Nikki except that she is a licensed funeral director and would be more than happy to play dead for!  Rob Dawes hosts.

We play 3 rounds of 10 questions.  Each question is worth a certain number of points. Get it right earn the point. At the end of the round whoever has the most points will win gift certificates to City Sports Grille.  At the end of 3 rounds we ask a final question that you can wager all the points you earned. What ever team has the most points will win weekly prizes (concert tickets)  but the points will carry over to the next week to win the 4 pack of tickets to Rock on the Range.

On with the questions-

Question # 1

What insect hears not through their ears, but through their knees?

Answer: Crickets  - There better not be any crickets at this weeks trivia.  Let's pack the place!

Question #2

Who is Vincent Furnier?

Answer: Alice Cooper.  By the way this is Jen's favorite artist.  Which is it Jen, The Used or Alice Cooper. - you're giving us mixed signals.

Question #3

What U.S. president advised: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"?

Answer:  Harry S. Truman   I'm not sure if anyone would have gotten this one.  Now amaze Rob and the girls with your knowledge.

Question #4

Where is Rock On The Range held?

Answer: Crew Stadium in Columbus Ohio.   You need to know where it is if you're gonna win the tickets!

Four questions is all I could get. Sorry-  There are questions concerning Rock On The Range so you better study! I'm sure there will be Rock On The Range questions every week until we give them away.   Trivia enthusists will do just find with the questions form what I can remember.  Rob doesnt give me much time to steal em.

Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia Wednesday nights 7p-9p at City Sports Grille, next to Spare Time Clifton Park, 1668 Route 9. Labatts specials, food specials and more.  Be there on time, we will start promply at 7pm and you dont want to be at a disadvantage if you show up late.  A 4 pack of tickets to Rock On The Range are on the line.

Good Luck!