President Obama is set to visit the Albany area for the third time in his presidency.  If it were possible to talk to him for a bit, what would you talk to him about?

If you are going to be in Albany on Tuesday, then be prepared for things to be a bit crazy.  President Obama is scheduled to visit the NanoTech Complex at UAlbany to talk about the growth in the tech community as far as jobs go.

All that aside, wouldn't it be great if President Obama were just coming for us to talk too?  How awesome would it be if we could sit down and ask him anything we wanted.  Constructive, or critical, anything goes (to a point, obviously).  It would be curious to see what people bring to the table.

Personally, I don't like to talk politics, so i would would like to just have a regular conversation with the guy.  What's he like about the NBA playoffs (besides the fact that his Bulls are no doubt going to be eliminated), does he watch 'The Walking Dead'?  Did he read 'The Hunger Games'?