Sweat shops, overpopulated streets, spring rolls and communism… if that’s what it takes to have this kind of basketball in America I am all for it.

No, I don’t like basket ball, I never have. I enjoyed watching my brother and cousin play it in high school but that’s about it. Of course like any live event I can get into it if I’m at the game in person but if its on TV I could care less. actually id rather watch reruns of icarly over basketball. Can’t touch this, can’t slap that, here is a free shot, basketball is the game of sissies in my book. However, if basket ball was anything like this Chinese commercial… my lord would I be the biggest fan ever! So if building I phones on an assembly line or living in a hut with 2 other relatives is what it takes, please bring on the communist kung fu samurai jack basketball at once!