After a couple of weeks of this movie riding the number one spot in the country, it was a good idea to check it out.  Turns out this was a good move.

I was a little late to 'The Hunger Games' party, but I jumped on board and was hooked rather quickly.  The book was fantastic, and I blew through it a little less than three days.  That's pretty good considering I hate to read, but I couldn't get enough of it.  The other two books in the series are on the way to my mailbox via Amazon, so I can continue my new obsession.

Naturally, once I read the book, I wanted to go see the movie.  Book snobs will always tell you this is a bad move, but seriously, it's not that big a deal.  You have to go into it knowing that they will change things.  They will leave out certain parts.  Guess what?  Sometimes things in literature just don't translate well to the screen.  This is the attitude I took, and ended up enjoying the movie very much.  Also, the author of the books, Suzanne Collins, was a big part in writing and producing the movie, so it's not like ti was ruined by Hollywood.  If you have issue, take it up with her, it's from her imagination.

A lot of things were different, but the message and theme was still there.  Plus, they skipped over most of the parts of the book that I thought was boring.  On a side note, kids killing kids, not so much fun to watch.  The movie it self, despite knowing what was going to happen, kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  That's how you know you got your money's worth.

Yesterday the news broke that director Gary Ross will not be back for the sequel, 'Catching Fire'.  Despite that news, I am very much anticipating that films release, which won't be until November 2013.