I am never surprised by how dedicated fans are, but these woman must have some think skin, literally.  When grown men playing football are wearing special gear to keep warm, you have to give an old tip of the hat to these brave women.

These women have to be crazy.  Here they are at Lambeau field where it was 22 degrees with a crazy wind chill that made it feel like it was zero and they are just in bikinis?!  I have seen dedicated fans before but this is just crazy.  The women of Wisconsin must be a tough breed because there are times when it's chilly in the studio and I wear a coat.

Now the one woman has a coat on, so in my opinion it means that the other girl is tougher, but both equally stupid.  You caught our attention, job well done but now you have to not only deal with your teams loss, but also a serious case of pneumonia.  Crazy enough though, they weren't the only crazy women rocking almost nothing at a January football game in Wisconsin.  Oh those crazy football fans.