Tennis is a pretty grueling sport, so it's no wonder everyone who plays the sport is in fantastic shape.  The women who play tennis are particularly hot. I am a sports junkie, so I'll watch pretty much any sport that is on.  One sport that I have gotten into in recent years in tennis.  It's such an awesome thing to play.  Watching the pros do it is even more amazing.  I was watching Wimbledon this morning and the beautiful Maria Sharapova was playing.  This girl is smoking hot.  Russia did something right when exposing us to her and Anna Kournikova.  The biggest difference between Sharapova and Kournikova though is that Sharapova is actually really good at tennis.

I think that tennis may actually have the hottest women players.  Not to take away from the fact that they are fantastic athletes by any means, but you can't deny their hotness.  I mean I wish i could serve the ball nearly 100mph with that kind of accuracy.  Women in sports tend to get bad reps in the looks department, but certainly not when it comes to tennis.  So I decided to put together a gallery of some of the hottest women in the sport.

After going over this list and seeing India's Sania Mirza I have come to this conclusion.  India needs to send us more tennis players because she is one of the hottest.