LA rap/rock sextet Hollywood Undead are about to embark on a new chapter that will start as we ring in the new year with the release of their third studio album Notes From The Underground. It hits stores on January 8 and the cover art and track listing have just been revealed. The first single is available for listening as well.

The cover is rather plain and nonchalant, but is hopefully masked (get it, masked?) by what lies beneath it.

The junior album will follow 2011's ultra successful American Tragedy, which sprouted at the number four spot on the Billboard 200.

The new album was produced by Griffin Boice, Sam & Sluggo and Danny Lohner. Its track listing is as follows:

1. Dead Bite
2. From the Ground
3. Another Way Out
4. Lion
5. We Are
6. Pigskin
7. Rain
8. Kill Everyone
9. Believe
10. Up In Smoke
11. Outside