Ever wonder what two hockey players talk about after smashing each other's faces in. It might not be as bad as one would think.

Well on today's show Free Beer and Hot Wings show, Eric Zane shared a video he recorded at a Grand Rapids Griffins game where he moonlighted as a minor league hockey announcer. Situated between to the two penalty boxes, Zane got a unique point of view into the conversations between two hockey players after a fight.

Zane happened to be recording when these two had that post-fight chat, where you will hear one player comment on the clean fight and say "good job man." Not what most expect a man to say to the guy that was just punching him in the face.

Also, the Griffins recently picked up a former NHL player Jordin Tootoo. So at the end of the video the man closest to Eric Zane in the video asked the Griffins player if his new teammate is a "good Guy."