If you're looking for a great summer's night outside, ol' Monte has the perfect plan: The Albany Running Exchange. If you're a runner or enjoy the outdoors, naturally the Albany Running Exchange is right up your ally.  However, don't let "runner" fool you, the club excepts all levels of athleticism - even walkers!  Each week, we venture out into some of the region's most scenic places.

Every Thursday, I run in the ARE trail series.  The group and I have hit up the State Parks around the area and have done a three or four mile loop run.  In the past four weeks, I have ran Grafton Lakes, Thatcher Park's Hang Glide trail, Peebles Island and Schodack Island State Park .   Myself, I am a runner.  However,  the group has plenty of walkers!  If you want to get in shape  or if you want to get out for a nice scenic walk and meet some new friends, the ARE is great place to do it!

We have had two BBQs this month after our runs along with some tunes blasting.  Not my sort of music, but hey, free hot dogs.  Last week, 171 runners came out!  I ended my run, sat on a picnic table not far from the water and had myself a few blue ice pops.  Darn tootin'.

Trail running is just scratching the surface at the ARE.  There are TONS of events you could sign up for.  Snow Shoe Race,  The Run & Tube (awesome), an adventure race and I believe I heard in the video below about being able to buy into a cruise.  Cruise? Sign me up.  Seriously though, if you love to run or if you want to enjoy a nice evening walk and meet new friends, come on out.  Will I see you this Thursday?