You don't have to go very far to find weird things. I'm sure here in New York we have an equally odd thing that happens all that time, but because of frequency we're used to it. I don't know what that is, but I do know that in Pennsylvania there are Amish, and things happen.

Like Sunday Night, when at a crossroads (similar to an intersection?) an SUV was hit, twice, by the same horse drawn buggy. There are very few facts listed, so here are my theories:

  • There was a Roman Chariot situation. This buggy had spikes on its wheels and kept on making vicious side swipes, then disappeared to raise a barn.
  • The SUV, at a full stop, is run into by the buggy, twice, because while the horse was able to jump over the SUV, the buggy was not as aerodynamic.

Either way, the driver of the buggy took this crime to the 21st century and made it a hit and run. This guy is still on the loose. Is their paint transfer on a horse drawn buggy? Do they have licence plates? Are the horses accomplices? Was the driver Seth Green? I'm gonna go watch Road Trip for more theory fodder.