Sometimes people are blinded by their religion.  In this case a Hasidic newspaper took the Secretary of State out of the famous photo because they don't publish pictures of women.

It's only been a week since that now infamous photo of the President and his administrators in the Situation Room.  So when a Hasidic newspaper, Der Tzitung,  from Brooklyn, NY printed the picture and Hillary Clinton was missing, people noticed.  They also photoshopped the woman in the back of the photo put as well.  They stand firm behind their religious beliefs and do not publish photos of women.

If the paper has pictures of women in their paper it is considered sexually suggestive.  Wait a minute.  Hillary Clinton is a sex symbol?  That is news to me.  The paper has since issued an apology for not including the women in the photo and said they mean no disrespect and by no means are suggesting that women are lesser than men.  they are also in trouble because the White House put out strict stipulations that you could not alter or edit the photo.  Double fail!

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