Chance of a life time ladies! How would you like be a huge part in helping mankind take a giant leap backwards about 200,000 years?

According to George Church a Harvard medical school professor wants to bring back the ancient relative to humans the Neanderthal. The logistics of the whole procedure are really Jurassic Park Esq. using DNA discovered form ancient bone samples Church plans to reconstruct the Neanderthal DNA into stem cells and implant the Neanderthal baby in a surrogate mother. He said he will be looking for women who are a bit “adventurous”. I assume he mean someone who loves to party, and doesn’t care about giving birth to a cave man.

PS: can we skip all this Neanderthal crap and concentrate on the important stuff. Like when am I going to have a elephant that only grows to be 2 feet big? Let’s work on that before we travel 200,000 years back in time!