Say what you want but the torrential rains we received earlier today (Wednesday) were sick. With a friend sending me crazy pics from Scotia and my own personal pics while I was retrieving a friend at the train in Schenectady, I felt like I needed to show you exactly what happens when it downpours for about 30 minutes.

As I sat in the Schenectady Amtrak station, it began! High winds and sheets of rain coming down equals- Mother Nature Is Pissed!



Let's start with a main artery in Scotia transforming into a river in a matter of minutes.

R.I.P Garbage Can


Broadway in Schenectady was a mess from Proctors all the way to 890. I counted roughly 8 vehicles stuck in the water. It was pretty insane. Even with my AWD SUV I felt myself getting stuck. Next time, I'll turn back.

Localized flooding is no joke
Notice the black car to the left
Same black car


890 in both directions was slowed to a crawl as the far right lane was inundated with high water. But of course, you will still find goobers trying to hammer through it, like this clown. Notice the car on the entrance ramp stuck waiting for the water to lower.


The good news? On this Hump Day, the storm started and ended at the perfect temp.