It's a phenomenon sweeping the world right now.  'The Hunger Games' is the biggest thing going right now, and BJ has given in and picked up the first book in the triology. 

Is it the most manly thing I could have done?  No, I could have bought a canoe, or made a suit out of some animal skin, but I decided to jump on the teenage girl band wagon and pick up a copy of 'The Hunger Games'.  It was against my better judgement, but being that everyone in the world keeps saying how great it is, Eric Zane included, I figured I should check it out.

Let's face it, a sci-fi/fantasy book is right up my ally.  I loved the 'Harry Potter' movies (never read the books) and I love all things JRR Tolkien, not to mention knowing way too much about comic books for a grown man due to be married.  I figure I have that knowledge to pass on, to my offspring the better them, or rot their mind, whichever works.  So you tell me about a book that has to due with a post apocalyptic world where people battle to the death, sign me up!

Despite it being geared towards young people, many people around my office have suggested it is a little bit more for adults with some of the darkness in it.  So I'll do my best to read this in a decent amount of time, but chances are I will see something shiny and get distracted.