Today is the day that we celebrate discovering something that was already there, and take full credit for discovering it, so that people can make movies about you, write books about you, and give you, your own holiday.


A year and a half ago, I discovered Q103.

I was trying to discover a quicker route to Albany, and took a wrong turn, the people sitting in the car, in my mind, became angry.

We were lost, so they stabbed me.

Eventually I saw a sign that said 'Albany's rock station.'

I was confused because it did not look like Albany, and according to my GPS I was in Schenectady, so I docked my car and jumped off the deck and walked toward the building. I went inside where I discovered a radio station called Q103, where I met the native Flounder, who taught me how to grow corn with fish, and how to properly care for my lab top.

After I had spent days living in the parking lot, learning everything I can about this 'New World' I returned to my wife in Latham, and spread the word of my discovery, and she told me "Get a real job."