Would you believe that Halloween is actually a deadly holiday for the reason you might not think of. Sure, the obvious references to horror movies could be made but pedestrians are at a great risk.

At least 30 people are killed every year on Halloween, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records. That's more than any other average day in America during the year. Halloween, itself, is the third deadliest day for pedestrians behind December 23 and January 1.

With that being said, both trick-or-treaters as well as drivers need to stay aware during the evening of Halloween (4 p.m. to midnight is the key time to be alert).

AAA has released some great safety tips for everyone during Halloween.

For Trick-or-Treaters:

  • Stay together in a group. Makes it easier for motorist to see you
  • Cross at the crosswalk (if available - if not, cross at an intersection or stop sign). Do not cross near parked cars, the cars will obstruct a motorist view of you.
  • Check costumes. Make sure there is nothing that can obstruct the vision of you or your child. Also make sure the costume in all dark colors, wear something bright that will make you stand to a motorist.

For Motorist:

  • Avoid taking shortcuts through neighborhoods if possible. Unless you have to travel through a neighborhood or residential area, try to avoid it.
  • Be extra careful and mindful that's it's Halloween.
  • If you are driving your little Trick-or-Treater around, make sure they exit on the right side of the vehicle so they are exiting near the curb and not potentially walking in to traffic.

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