One of the greatest things about Halloween is how inventive decorations can be.  One man in North Carolina took it to another level!  One that was so convincing, at least one person called 911 thinking it was real.

Trick or treat? 

It ain't just jack-o'-lanterns and tombstones anymore!  Halloween evokes the grotesque, freakish, macabre persona in us all.  It is an opportunity for everyone celebrating to bring out the worst in themselves - as far as gruesome, gory decorations go anyway.

One Halloween enthusiast in Salisbury, NC took it up a notch in his decorations this year.  Chris Deaton must have been having some very strange dreams when he came up with the idea a year ago to stage a riding-lawnmower accident as part of his holiday decorations.  The scene comes complete with half a bloody body stuck underneath the blades of a seemingly ordinary mower.  In Deaton's version, however, the mower seems to be more carnivorous, having an appetite for something other than grass.

That's not to say Deaton doesn't have a sense of humor or deny Halloween its moment of levity!  Even the most uptight, anti-Halloween Scrooge would give a chuckle at the can of beer wedged in the poor victim's grasp.  It's all in good fun of course, but one passer-by this year mistook Deaton's new lawn-ornament for an actual mishap and dialed 911.  You can judge the realism of the scene by checking out the photo here.

Anyone else have some spooky, Halloween-inspired decorations that requires a double-take?