Going to the gym to work out has been around for a very long time, but it turns out people still have no idea how to behave at these strange places.  Well, it's never to late to get a lesson.

Far to many times have I been at my local gym and just been completely disgusted by how people act there.  It's a public place, but I think people forget that they aren't in a private home gym.  Plain and simple, there are just some things that should be common sense when in public, let alone the gym.  So for those of you who are blissfully unaware of your stupidity, here is a quick how to on gym behavior.

1. Using Machines

I don't think there is anything grosser than going over to a machine that is covered in another persons sweat.  Some gyms have policies on wiping down the equipment, but others don't.  It's a bit of an unspoken rule that you clean your machine when you're done.

Another thing about using machines, please don't occupy more than one.  Is that necessary?  It's terrible when you try and get to a machine and someone has their crap all over it and they are at the other end of the gym.  Finish one exercise and then move onto the next one.  If you would like to do two things at once, then please go invest in your own equipment.

Also don't stand around one machine in a group having a conversation.  First of all you're not even using the machine so please walk away.  Secondly, the group of guys standing around the weights talking, is in fact not a workout.  I think I have watched the same group of guys stand around and talk to each other around a bench and not work out, and then leave.  Why pay for the gym membership?  You could do that at a bar or coffee shop.

2. Male Behavior

Listen, I'm not Greek God or anything but neither are you, so stop flexing in the mirror.  We get it, you work hard, but admiring yourself in the mirror just makes you seem like a complete douche.  That goes for the ladies too.

I'm not sure if women run into this problem in the locker room or not, but old guys tend to walk around completely naked.  It's awkward and uncomfortable for everyone.  I can see jumping in the shower and throwing a towel around you while making your way back to your locker, but to walk around completely nude is just weird.  And you should most definitely not stand at the counter naked with your leg up in the air while you cut your toe nails (true story, saw that happen yesterday).

3. Female Behavior

Chances are ladies, that if you show up to the gym in short shorts and sports bra you know that you look good.  Also keep in mind that if men are present they will look at you, even some women will do so, but that's more in disgust.  Here's the kicker, if you don't like being looked at, than don't show up half naked.  I'm not one to stare at a lady at the gym but quick glances happen all the time, because people like the unofficial sport of people watching.

An extra pointer for behaving at the gym, don't hog to water fountain.  If you want a quick sip then go for it, but don't stand there and waste everyone's time while you fill your giant water bottle.  That just makes everyone automatically hate you.

Folks if you follow these tips you will make yours and everyone else's gym experience that much better.