The Alter Bridge guitarist sat down recently with the good people of Guitar International to talk about everything from Alter Bridge to Slash.

Alter Bridge has been around since 2004 when Creed first broke up.  Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips decided to form a band with a lead singer that wasn't a potential powder keg.  Alter Bridge has thrust singer Myles Kennedy to the forefront of the rock world and in an interview with Guitar International Mark Tremonti talked about what it's like now that Myles is such a hot commodity.

They asked him what it's like now that Myles is singing with Slash.  It could be both a  good and bad thing with it bringing positive attention to the band, and also leaves people asking him "when is Myles going to leave"?

We haven’t seen any cons yet; it’s all been positive. Myles is not the guy to say one thing and do another. He says he’s completely committed to Alter Bridge just like we told him with this Creed reunion stuff. We’re all very open with one another, there are no secrets.

-Mark Tremonti

They also asked him about what we can expect from the band coming up in the future in regards to new music and tours.  Tremonti said that the records are getting a bit more dark in theme and that could continue in future work.. As fart as touring goes, they are on the Carnival of Madness tour (August 31, Times Union Center) and after that they head over to Europe for a little bit.

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