To say we are surprised it took this long for something like to be "for sale" is understatement.

Internet sensations Grumpy Cat, real name Tarder Sauce, has long been the subject of many memes, comedic jokes, and morning show appearances but now he making the jump to immortalized by becoming a plush toy.

The toy is officially licensed by the owners of Tarder Sauce - Yes, she has her own licensed copyright. The doll is 11 inches tall and made of Polyester Fibers.

According to the website ThinkGeek:

Do you know someone who is grumpy? They wake up on sunny days and they are upset. You tell them about your day and they don't care. They try new things and hate them. They are unimpressed, unhappy, and irritated?

Well maybe instead of trying to cheer them up all the time you should show them that you love them not in spite of their grumpiness but because of their grumpiness with this Grumpy Cat Plush. All in all, this cuddly grump gives your grumpy friend 11 inches of officially-licensed grumpiness to fall asleep with every night. Just don't expect either of them to be happy about it.

Well, this is not on any of our holiday wish list but we do know a few people who will want this.