As we get older, many of our favorite albums begin to celebrate their anniversary. Sure, this might make you feel old or take you back to a special time and great memories. Just like the case of the first CD I ever bought which turned 20 this year, Green Day's 'Dookie.'

Hard to believe it's been 20 years since the album that put Green Day on the 'map' was released. The first time I remember hearing of the album was on Beavis & Butthead when they were watching the music video for 'Basket Case.' I feel in love with the song and heard other singles from the album on my local radio station shortly thereafter.

Finally it was my 11th birthday and I got my first CD player as a gift. So this was definitely my pick for the first album I would ever buy on my own. Took my extra birthday money and had my parents take me to the local department store to purchase it.

Originally released on Feb 1, 1994. The follow up to the band's underground hit 'Kerplunk,' was also their major label debut with Reprise Records. It was also the band's first venture with their now long time producing partner Rob Cavallo. The album would produce five singles including Basket Case, Longview, She, Welcome to Paradise, and When I Come Around.

'Dookie' would debut in the Billboard Top 200, making the band overnight rockstars in a way, and go on to sale more than 20 million copies worldwide. It also picked up the 1995 Grammy for Best Alternative Album. Rolling Stone magazine named it number 193 of their Top 500 All-Time Greatest Albums.

Billy Joe Armstrong was quoted in an interview one time saying that when his children became teenagers that he would hand them the album as their 'guide to teenage angst.' As someone who listened to the album religious during my teens, truer words never spoken.