So a few Senators have decided to get involved where they don't belong and that's in professional sports.  The argument, banning chewing tobacco.  Should the government have a say in this?  No, but MLB should take a stand.

Obviously people have a right to do what they want.  If players want to chew tobacco, no one should be able to stop them.  However they shouldn't be able to do it during a game.  If it's okay to chew tobacco during a game, what can't some light up  a cigarette while running the bases?

Instead of MLB managing this situation they way they should, which is making chewing during a game against the rules they have sort of ignored it for years.  The government is now getting it's nose in a place where it doesn't belong.  Senators Dick Durbin, Frank Lautenberg, Richard Blumenthal and Tom Harkin have decided to take a hard stance on the issue.  Their biggest argument is that they don't want children to follow in their footsteps and think "chewing is cool".

Everyone is entitled to what they want, but there is a time and place for it.  I don't smoke or chew or anything that and think the world would be healthier if people would quit the habits.  I also realize that if people want to smoke, they can smoke, it's what being in America is all about.  I also believe that chewing tobacco during a baseball game shouldn't be allowed, after all it is their job.  You aren't allowed drink alcohol, or smoke at your job, so why be able to chew?

With that being said, MLB should do the right thing and make a rule that bans chewing tobacco during games.  As far as the governments involvement; they should take care of more important issues than this, come on.