Yesterday the website and email servers as well as domain resolution for GoDaddy went down in a Distributed Denial of Service Attack that lasted a good part of the day. They say no customer data was compromised. But who did it? Someone claiming to be part of the Hacktivist group Anonymous says they were the ones who brought down GoDaddy, but someone else in Anonymous is saying it wasn't them. It's Disorganized Chaos!

The thing you have to realize about Anonymous is, is that they don't really have a centralized kind of structure or leadership. Anyone can say they are Anonymous and can do whatever they like and say "Hey! We're Anonymous and we did this!"  But it seems the twitter accounts that the group uses, is posting tweets that kind of distance themselves from whoever was staging the attack. As for why the attack happened, there is no clear reason why. Some people think it's because GoDaddy supported the SOPA bill, which led to a customer revolt with domains switching to other services. Not enough to really hurt GoDaddy's bottom line, but it got their attention and they backed off from supporting the bill. But there is nothing concrete to say this is the reason. It just could have been some script kiddie looking for a laugh.

Sadly, this attack also affected countless websites for businesses as well as email service. There's no word on how much of if any damages occurred with the attack. I'm guessing that some sites lots a bit of business. But not sure where we would find those kinds of numbers unless the sites themselves release that info individually. In the meantime, it looks like they are back up and running. There is still the possibility that it could happen again, but GoDaddy, if it was worth it's salt, it doing everything it can to minimize the damage should it happen.

The funny part about all this is, is that some people are suggesting what sites should come down next.