New Jersey-based metal quintet God Forbid also performed at yesterday's Trespass America Tour and I got to interview guitarist/vocalist Doc Coyle. We chatted about his recent robbery, mosh pits, what he misses about home life and the end of the world. Read on for the entire interview.

The very first time I saw God Forbid live was years ago with Lamb Of God. Municipal Waste opened up and they totally bored me, but when God Forbid came out they blew up the stage and blew my mind. I had never listened to them before but they won me over. As I told Doc this, I asked him what it was about their music that people can connect so easily to. He explained that "they do a lot of things well." They don't do just one thing live- they have connective energy and give extra effort when becoming one with and connecting to the music.

I followed up by also asking him what the best Trespass Tour moment has been. He said that it has been a blur and he couldn't necessarily pick one experience over another, but that it has been a "fun tour" and "a stretch of great shows." However, he did tell me about his worst tour moment- being robbed just days earlier. His bag, containing his laptop and passport was stolen at the San Antonio stop, forcing the band to cancel their spot on the Heavy MTL tour in Canada. He said it sucked, but was keeping his head up. "It is what you make of it," he said.

I then asked Doc about the band's end of the world concept album. It has been about seven years since it was released but I was curious to get his opinion on the world ending. He does not agree with the Mayans theory of the world as we know it ending in just four months, but he suspects either the sun or universe could eventually explode. "We'll [probably] f*** it up first," he said. "We'll doom ourselves before Mother Nature can."

Staying on the same lines, Doc discussed how much the band has changed and grown as they transitioned from album to album. They have become less of a chaotic "mish mash" and have matured into pure song writers who compose traditional and memorable music with their own spin. He claims the band have never repeated themselves and that they have "tried many hats." He also said that he and guitarist Matt sometimes come up with the songs and work them out before they show the rest of the band.

As for normal, every day life, besides his family Doc misses sleep, friends and basketball. He said it was hard to work out and get exercise while on tour and that he usually does by playing basketball when he's home. He also said he often misses important events with family and friends due to touring.

When it comes to mosh pits and crowd surfing at their shows, Doc said they do condone it, as long as everyone involved wants to do it. They don't want just anyone in there "throwing punches" randomly or with harmful intent. They want it to be a fun and safe time for those who risk it.

Lastly I asked Doc what the biggest misconception about God Forbid was. He said that it wasn't just his band but that all bands can get the reputation of being unfriendly or unapproachable. He stated that they are not separate from their fans and that he himself was "just a regular dude."