Why is it that mugshots continue to be the worst pictures in the entire world?  Now, criminals aren't the best citizens, but police do one hell of a job catching everyone off guard for these shots. 

Ladies and gentleman, meet Eugene Watchtel of Glenville.  Unfortunately for Eugene, he has been arrested for a couple of larcenies.  The bigger crime however is the fact that his grooming needs much work.

Is anyone surprised that he was taken in by the cops after he stole a patio set from Wal-Mart.  Not for nothing, but if I was going to steal a patio set it would at least be from Target.  Oddly enough, not the first time ole Eugene has stolen from a Wal-Mart.  Again, surprised?

We only wish that he had stole a brush, or a comb, or maybe even a at home haircut kit.

[Via WTEN]