Lea Michele has been the good girl on 'Glee' for a few years now.  Her on screen persona can be a bit annoying, but off screen she is a full on babe.

Off screen Lea Michele is so hot it makes us want to tune in for an episode of 'Glee'.  However since we are former 'Gleeks', we know better.  The first season sucked us in, but we got bored pretty quick.  Back to Lea Michele.

On screen she plays the bubbly Rachel Berry.  She has always had a combination of sexy and innocent playing this character, but when she's just being herself she turns the sexy way up.  On a recent appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman' she decide to show off the goods in a dress with all the right cut outs.

How could you not be drawn in by her boobs - we mean charm.  Yeah, it's her charm that drew us in.  Seriously though, she's practically exploding of of this dress.  If the girls on our high schools glee club looked like this, we may have joined up.