Whenever athletes start to talk trash and start to guarantee things before they happen, it seems to come back to bite them.  The New York Giants have been very confident leading up to the Super Bowl, but will the big talk come back to haunt them?

In my experience as a sports fan, being confident and being cocky are two very different thing.  I have been hearing fans of the G-Men talking some major trash leading up to this weekends Super Bowl rematch with the New England Patriots.   Patriot fans on the other hand have remained fairly quiet, and the same goes for the team.

The Giants on the other hand, Jason Pierre-Paul in particular, have been talking a pretty big game and Paul almost guaranteed a win over the Pats on Sunday, but without using those words.  Now there is no denying that the Giants defense has been playing some great football, and maybe their current hot streak will carry over.  All I can say is that whenever too much trash is talked (Giants take note of the Jets) things don't work out.

ESPN's Ian O'Connor points out in his article that maybe the G-Men should have been a little bit more silent during Media Day and the days leading up to it, other wise all the trash talk could make them into a big joke.