It was a heartbreaking loss for Giants fans across the Albany Area yesterday.  They had the opportunity to give the Packers their first loss of the season but fall short thanks to a late drive led by Aaron Rodgers.

The atmosphere in East Rutherford, NY seemed like that of a playoff game rather than week 13 in the NFL.  Green Bay came into MetLife stadium looking to stay undefeated and the Giants did everything in their power to prevent it, but perhaps it's destiny because the Packers came out the winners, 38-35 the final.  Does that score look familiar Giants fans?  it should because it's the same exact score that was the final of the Giants Patriots regular season game in 2007, the Patriots won that, but in the end the G-Men were the big winners in the Super Bowl.

Over all for the Giants it wasn't a bad game at all.  Perhaps the defense needed to do a little bit more, but the offense operated pretty well against a pretty good NFC defense.  Both Eli and Aaron Rodgers were pretty similar.  Manning had 347 yards, 3 TDs and a pick, while Rodgers threw 369 4 TDs and a pick.   Unfortunately for Manning his pick went into the hands of Clay matthews who ran it back for a TD.

So the Giants sit at 6-6, and they make out a little bit because Dallas also lost 19-13 to Arizona.  So NY is just one game back of the Cowboys.  Not to bring up the past, but I could see a Coughlin Collapse on the way.  It seems to be the way things have gone since the 2007 Super Bowl victory.  Though it's not over until it's over.