After years of being let down by George Lucas and his destruction of the 'Star Wars' saga, he has finally done something that makes us like him again.

As owner of the massive piece of land in Lucas Valley in Northern California, George Lucas should be entitled to do whatever he wants with it.  Isn't that what this country was founded on?  Not if you have neighbors that spoil all the fun.

Say what you will about Lucas and him letting down 'Star Wars' fans with the prequels and adding in pointless graphics, the dude has some dough.  He's good at what he does (to a point) and wanted to create a state of the art movie studio on his land.  What would that mean?  It would mean bringing in jobs and millions of dollars in economic value to the area.  Sounds like a win, win!

Too bad his neighbors have spoiled it all.  They have vetoed every single plan for the studio because they suck.  So what is Mr. Lucas going to do instead?  He's going to take the land and turn it into low income housing.  If you don't want a movie studio, have fun with tons of poor people!  That ought to bring value to your home.  He might as well just give them the old 'suck it' after that announcement.