I guess not that many people "wanna go to Friendly's" because the well known restaurant chain has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy forcing 63 stores around the country to close including 6 here in the Albany area.

Friendly's has been around for a long time, and seemed like no matter what town you were in there would be one.   These days people are not eating out as much and Friendly's is feeling it.  This morning they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  It's going to close 63 stores in total, each of them employing at least 20 people, according to Yahoo Finance.

The 63 stores include 6 familiar Albany area locations, and they are as follows:

  • Wolf Rd, Albany
  • Western Ave, Albany
  • Delaware Ave, Delmar (Elsmere)
  • Upper Glen St, Glens Falls
  • Congress St, Saratoga
  • Altamont Ave, Schenectady

You better go get one of those ridiculous super melts while you can because before long it will be hard to find one of these store.  The 63 that are closing are a result of under performance, and Friendly's Corp says they will be keeping 424 stores open that are doing well.  I believe that includes the one in 2 that are in Latham.