If you are a lover of sushi, or even consider yourself a sushi snob, then you may want to consider going to this popular restaurant Thursday for lunch.

Now for me in no way do I consider myself any of those words I used above. I do like sushi, I haven't had every kind known to man though. I also have never really had sushi in a place like P.F. Chang's. Sadly I always get it at buffets and such. I will admit I have even gotten grocery store sushi before. Never got sick so I count that as a win. P.F. Chang's indeed is a popular restaurant and is where on Thursday will be getting you hooked up free.

There like with most things in life is a slight catch. No don't worry it doesn't require a purchase. The catch is the type of sushi you must get. Only two varieties are available for no pennies. That would be a California or a Spicy Tuna Roll. This is the second year in a row the chain has done this. It also is for dine in only. Will you be getting sushi at the P.F. Chang's in Colonie Center?