The boys from Foxy Shazam are in town for their show and they stop by the Q103 Studios.

They have a show Friday Night at Valentine's but decide to grace the Q103 listeners with their presence before hand. As a Fan of this band I was super excited to get in their heads and find out what they are all about. They speak very soft but from what I’ve seen from them on stage they are pretty out of control. It’s like a switch that gets flipped once they get in front of a crowd. Check out this interview below and learn a little more about the band Foxy Shazam.

“…It’s just as important to sound a certain way as it is to look a certain way... It’s a lot easier to understand a sound when see what it looks like and we try to bring that to life on stage right in front of your face”. – Eric (Foxy Shazam)

“We felt like we needed to hear something that we weren’t getting from any where else, so we decided to create it on our own and that’s what this record stands for…”  -Vince (Foxy Shazam)

“…I’ll look right in your eyes and eat ‘em…” – Eric (Foxy Shazam)