You know how when you go to a bar for a beer or two sometimes you remember you have something else to do, such as rob a bank, so you leave the bar, do your business and then return to finish your now-warm and probably tampered beer? No? Oh yea, sane people don't do those kinds of things. A Florida man, however, isn't so sane this holiday season, as he did such an act.

52-year-old Tampa Bay resident John Robin Whittle was arrested Thursday afternoon at the Hayloft Bar in Port Richey, Florida after robbing a branch of Wells-Fargo bank.

According to the article, Whittle entered the bar, ordered a tasty beverage, left shortly after and then returned within 30 minutes:

A bartender there says Whittle ordered a beer, disappeared for about 30 minutes and then returned to his beer. Deputies say they arrested him at the bar about 10 minutes after he left the bank.

There is not yet any details as to a motive for the robbing, or why he did in it that manner. As of now, Whittle remains in jail without an attorney and with a $10,000 bond. Where's all the money he just stole from the bank? Hopefully the bartender was graciously tipped.

What do you think of this? What have you stolen?